The BECoop self-assessment tool is designed for inexperienced users seeking to assess the current state of a cooperative/community bioenergy project. The tool consists of self-evaluation forms (through questions) that allow to assess an initiative’s status and recommendations to continue with your initiative.

These questions asked will act as roadmap, helping the user to check if the most relevant aspects or considerations have been taken into account. The different answers provided will suggest the steps needed to achieve a successful implementation of a new business model, as well as links (when applicable) to current tools and reports that may be useful to get beyond that stage.

The registration is optional, and will unlock the following functionalities:

  • Search for a specific self-assessment carried out
  • To save the self-assessment at any time with the possibility to continue afterwards
  • Repeat an specific self-assessment
  • Compare the score of two different self-assessments

Note: BECoop is a project oriented towards the market uptake of bioenergy communities in mainly the residential sector and small heating applications, so the bioenergy cases addressed in the self-assessment tool were selected taking into account this consideration.